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Here it is September & Fall is in the air.


This was a beautiful spring with flowers we have never ever seen befoe & I expect next spring will be the same. Look at our page with photos.

Property is selling steadly. Ghosttown is almost sold out. We have one 3+ acre tract with electric, water tap & great views of Perry Mansion. Goes down into what we call "Nasty Woman Draw".  Don't know how it got its name, but that is what is called.

We have large properties- small properties, vacation cabins In South County, Homes & Commercial property & Country estates in  & around Alpine. We have 3 ranches in Samderson/Terrell County & one in Val Verde County..

Now bear in mind property that has no DEEDED access will not qualify for loans of any kind. So CASH is KING.  Properties in South Brewster County is for the most part on private roads, so will now qualify for loans. Even if your brother owns the bank! They must touch a country road or Hwy.

What is pre-approval letter?  It is required by some sellers before showing their property to assure them the client has the credit or cash to buy.  They must be no more than 3 months old.

About surveys:  Most of the raw acreage is not surveyed but platted. If you are unsure about the boundaries, get it surveyed.  That may take 2-3 months as the surveyors are backed up. Prices are dependent upon location and may start at $1000 & up. Surveys must be paid up front. This is the cost to the buyer usually.

What is The Indian Letter?

Many years ago, the Tigua Indians laid claim to all land west of the Pecos. This is not a valid clain & it insured by the title company. You will have to sign a paper saying you were told about this at closing so we like to give you a heads up before that. Our office has the complete file if you wish to see it.

What is NET to seler?

Usually when the seller knows what he wants to walk away with. Most of these are distressed sales & lower than average prices. TITLE POLICYiare based on the price of the property. Starts at $239 up to $10K and goes up after that. Since it is an insurance policy it acts just like a policy on your home or car.

ESCROW FEE? The price you pay for the title company to do your work. Usually $250 for both the buyer & seller- With net you pay both sides.

TAX CERTIFICATE: Comes from the Tax office certifying taxes are paid. $10 per parcel.

DEED: Ususally $85 for a cash sale. Usually paid for by the seller, unless net. Owner fiance will be alittle more.

FILING FEE:  $30 for a 2 page document. If you have attachments like a survey, etc. It will be more.

FED EX FEE: If you are not here to close which most people are not, the title company will send your docs out by FED EX with a return envelope enclosed.  Be sure to read all instructions that the title company asks for.

COMMISSION is $1000 or 10% depending on location.  But not a hard & fast number.

Taxes are generally pro rated to date of closing but not always, but must be current. This goes for Terlingua Ranch Fees as well.

WE ALWAYS RECOMEND A TITLE POLICY- If a seller refuses to provide you with one, walk away. There are 2 many things that may affect the title & sometimes the seller is not even awarer of this. Wheither you pay or the seller pays for it, get one. Usually the cost of the seller unless net.

If you are buying directy from a seller, all of these things apply. Do not pay any $ up front until you are assured of clear title. I cannot express enough to get a title policy. You wil have to pay earnest money, but that goes to the title company to hold until transaction is complete.

Sellers are responsible for giveing clear title. It is called "Cost to cure Title"

MINERALS:  Most are transferred witht he sale if the seller owns any at all.  Years ago there were so many divided up that there are none or very little to convey.

OK you should be off & running with the do's & don't of real estate in Texas.

Let us know what you need- information or whatever & we will do our very best to provide you with that or point you to someone that knows the answer.

If you are buying on Terlingua Ranch please visit their website. It is very informatiive. It is

Have a great rest of the summer & I will try to update this page more often. Let me know what you want to see posted here.


Pam Clouse, Broker

West Texas Realty

600 West Ave E

Alpine, Texas 79830

1-432-223-1600 e-fax

1-432-837-7042 office fax


1-432-294-0322 text & cell.







Pam Clouse, Broker
Pam Clouse, Broker
West Texas Realty


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